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You can count on our professional Dyckman Plumbing Heating and Cooling technicians to arrive at your home and perform step by step toilet installation in a hour.
Turn off the water at the shutoff valve. Take the new wax bowl ring out of the package and inspect it. If the wax ring has a plastic collar, check to be sure that it fits over the floor flange, but do not press it into place. Turn the new toilet bowl upside down and press the wax ring over the horn on the bottom of the bowl.
Run a bead of silicone caulk around the base of the toilet. This will help create a seal once the new toilet is in place. Turn the toilet bowl right side up and lower it on top of the flange, using the bolts on the floor flange as guides. The bolts should come with pieces of plastic that help them remain upright while the toilet is being installed. This can be provided in our services.